Thursday, May 16, 2013

Grrr...someone is wrong on the internet...again!

George Barnett reached two million plays on youtube yesterday with his cover of Get Lucky.  I'm really glad that he is getting some recognition for his wonderful work, and hoping that people explore further and find his original work too.

I've been keeping an unofficial eye on the things posted about him.  Partly because I considered it likely that people might confuse him with another George Barnett, who is also a drummer and musician but mainly a model.  I set up a wikipedia page for him, to try to disambiguate (I do like that word) the two George Barnetts, although it was difficult to find good original sources for a lot of the facts, and the person at wikipedia who allowed the posting said that my write up read like an advertisement, although I tried very hard not to make it read like that.

I was proved right about potential confusion when Wall Street Journal mixed up George Barnett, model, with George Barnett, amazing singer songwriter and cover artist.  Several people, including me, commented about their mistake, which they don't seem to have fixed.  Well, I suppose I didn't expect them to, really.  Papers hardly ever fix the mistakes in their outpourings unless forced to by a lawyer.

Then George was featured in a blog on My Frisky which said his videos on YouTube were all covers.  Of course they aren't.  As far as I know, only three are covers, and the other 19 are his very original work.  I posted a comment which has been in a moderation queue since yesterday... and no correction has been made to the story - or the title.

So.  You read it here first.  The George Barnett who made the splendiferous cover of Daft Punk's Get Lucky was born in 1993.  He is the George Barnett listed here.  This is his official website.

He isn't a model, he doesn't just do covers, and his Facebook fan page for liking is here.

His original work is on his youtube channel and available on spotify,  Check it out.  I think it's better than any of his covers - and they are exceptionally good.

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