Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wow it has been a long time since I posted to this blog - over a year! The trouble is I am writing so many blogs at once, that I lose track of them. Really I should just amalgamate the lot into one enormous blog.

I can hear Ali playing the guitar. He has taught himself, with a bit of help from his friends, and is playing amazingly well as long as he has music to follow.

I'm just about recovered from having a few of Thomas's friends over for a party. He was 15 the other day, and wanted friends who live some distance away to come and play cards and eat pizza... so he invited them to stay over in the garden. They were supposed to sleep in the tent, but stayed awake all night, playing tag at 3am.

I like the idea of tents and camping, but really in a last days of the Raj, have the servants bring another footstool sort of way. It's just bloody hard work lugging everything you need, putting up tents, taking down tents, and the whole process of living.

I love the idea of a spherical treehouse. I have seen this website mentioned a few times recently, and it looks amazing. I'm just not sure I'd have the courage to put it too far up. 5 metres seems far enough to me!