Friday, January 23, 2004

Haven't looked at this for a long time...which will be evident by the long gap in entries, of course. have been meaning to go back to regular diary entries for ages. Now I have paper diaries, diary entries in my word files, diary entries all over the place.

Things are changing - I suppose that's why I want to be writing a diary. We are looking to move, and are preparing the house for the possibility that someone else might come here and see it as somewhere they might want to live. This is the other reason to be writing a diary - avoiding getting into the loft to see what a quantity of rubbish needs to be shifted when we move.

The children are all being horrors this week - maybe the idea of moving has unsettled them..I don't know. Currently I can hear Delta Gudrun at maximum volume fighting with something else.

The dog is helping by redesigning the garden for us in the current wet weather.... He has carved a new path for himself in the lawn, and brings a quantity of mud in every time he comes in.

We are looking to move to Norfolk or Suffolk, as the moe might allow us to be without a mortgage. It would involve a lot of very real changes - I have lived in this area for thirty years, and I know a lot of people locally. One of the things I like is the feeling of belonging that it gives me - I can find a house of someone I know in most streets in my area, which isn't something that many people can say in a commuter belt where there is a high turnover of families.

Still, it would have a lot of advantages, especially for the children. And if I manage to write for a living, it would mean that I could work more or less theory.

The stereo wars upstairs are getting louder, and the pasta is ready, must go. I won't leave it so long before I return.