Monday, May 13, 2013

Fat Lady moaning

Definitely not Evans:  Tropical Sale on Ebay, beautiful Caftans at affordable prices

Although I have lost over two stone with the 5:2 diet I am still a big woman and have plenty more to go.  So I am still in the realm

of plus size clothing.  Today I received a link the new Evans catalogue... and my God, it's horrible stuff.  I feel hot just looking at it... and not in the sexy way... in the sweaty and uncomfortable way.

Time was when Evans was synonymous with crimpelene clothing... for those too young to remember crimpelene it was a man made, thick fabric which didn't crease, and which was especially used for fat lady clothes.  Don't ask me why.  It just was.  Perhaps they thought it was more durable or something, no idea.

The Evans went through a resurgence... better clothing, made for a range of ages, with a lot of natural fabrics in place of the man made. 

But now they seem to have reverted and have taken some very stupid decisions about the clothing they make.  Their dresses have no sleeves or are made of polyester...sometimes both.  They have only a few skirts... I don't know what has happened to the skirts, but they look dull as ditchwater.

Add to that the fact that most of their lingerie and nearly all their boots don't fit most of the people who are supposedly catered for by their shop, and I think you will understand why I find it very frustrating that a shop that has a virtually captive audience in a lot of towns (it being the only shop which offers plus sizes) are still not providing plus size women with what they want.

They are managing to make failure out of something that ought to be easy as pie.  If they were offering me long tops with half sleeves, dresses with half sleeves, nice natural fabrics and affordable prices, I'd be biting their hands off. 

If they added suitable lingerie in sizes and styles that suit the people who are the alleged target audience for the clothes, and shoes too... well all my spare money would be going their way.  As it is, ebay gets it, specifically Tropical Sale.  They have wonderful short and long Caftans in natural fabrics, and I love them. They have sleeves.

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