Sunday, February 08, 2009

Still can't manage to get headlines on the posts on this blog. I have no clue why.

Tom sent me a link to colour changing tiles. These are so wonderful, I want them! Not sure what for, just because they exist and change colour.

Eelco started this morning complaining about the level of sensationalism in the UK press... just as I was thinking that it wasn't too bad because it compares well with Australian levels of journalism. There's a really dire article on global warming which I stumbled upon, which is SO bad, I couldn't believe it was a professional site I was visiting.

I'd got to that site following a link for an online test, which claims to tell people whether they are right or left brain dominant. Despite the blurb on the test saying that most people see it going anti-clockwise, a totally unscientific poll of people I know led me to believe that was untrue: most can see it going clockwise, alternating between clockwise and anti-clockwise or can change it at will.

That led me to wonder what sort of science the claim that it indicated your left or right brain dominance, but I could see no support or references, and following the link to the news site on the Australia website to see if they had more. They don't. I saw the global warming will save lives headline while I was drifting about the site.

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