Monday, February 09, 2009

Be alarmed. Be *very* alarmed. Be especially alarmed if you have downsized, decided that seeing the children is more important than earning lots of money, and have therefore an income which is less than £29K a year.

The government thinks you are neglecting your children. I am indebted to fellow home educators for the link, which was on this blog post: Prudence is a criminal and will be suitably punished.

My poor MP, the sainted John Randall, has been in receipt of more diatribes and rants from me in the past month than... well I've never been a slacker in the writing-to-your-MP-to-tell-him-what-I-think department. But this is getting ridiculous. I am a law-abiding, caring, upstanding member of society, and I am beginning to feel like an outcast.

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