Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bashar: being the experience

Bashar is a personality channelled by Darryl Anka.  He purports to be an alien from a future parallel world.  I have no idea whether that can be true, but he has interesting ideas and I am impressed by the answers he gives to the people who consult him.  I feel he has taught me a lot, and I am profoundly grateful that my Quaker hankering after new light, wherever it may be found, and my unscientifically open mind, which doesn't discriminate against people even if they make very outlandish claims, has allowed me to be open to the ideas that Bashar talks about. 

His ideas include the suggestion that we are the experience we are having at any given moment, which is included in this video, which seems to be a private recording of Bashar.  What fascinates me is that the idea he talks about in the video meshes very well with the ideas in the experiment with light, which is something I experienced and wrote about some years ago. 

One example in the video tha Bashar talks about is the experience of sadness:  if you are feeling sad, then he says you are that experience, the feeling of sadness.  If on the other hand you are a person wondering about your feeling of sadness, or thinking about your feeling of sadness, that's who you are.  And the perspective of who you are and what you are experiencing changes radically, because you are perceiving or experiencing that sadness from a distance, not experiencing the sadness, but experiencing the wondering or thinking about the sadness.

This change of perspective is an important one, I do believe, particularly for people experiencing a deep emotion or emotional problem.  Being the experience means that you can deliberately gain objectivity by being the person wondering about the problem or being the person thinking about the problem, rather than being the person with the problem.  For people who haven't considered the difference, they'll seem the same; they aren't. 

Watch the video.  If you can suspend your disbelief about Bashar and channelling, it may be a useful insight. It's something I will be meditating upon, along with his other idea, that we are constantly navigating parallel universes guided by the life we prefer to experience... which is a whole other blogpost entirely.

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