Saturday, October 19, 2013

Barefoot in the

Watched a very interesting film about grounding - the practice of making a connecting to the earth by walking barefoot, lying on the earth or using grounding equipment to ensure that you are grounded.  It has been proven to have a large number of health benefits, and the stories in the film are very touching.

Dr Mercola has been talking about the benefits of grounding for a long time now, and in fact features in the film in one or two places.  I tried a little grounding myself earlier today, although it was a bit damp and cold, it wasn't anywhere near as cold as Alaska in the wintertime, which features in the film.  I couldn't help thinking there must be a better design of roof to avoid having to dig yourself out... but then I've never lived there and don't know what the challenges are.

The film is free to access for the next few days, but I hope anyone who can afford it and is impressed by the film will buy it for themselves.

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