Sunday, June 09, 2013

Lucy Pringle Crop Circle Photography

I've known the name of Lucy Pringle for years.  Her beautiful pictures of the Crop Circles around southern England have been something I have admired and been fascinated by.  She put out an appeal for funding last year, because the cost of hiring helicopters to be able to take photographs from the air is very expensive, and rising.

This year I suggested she might like to try an Indiegogo project to see if she can raise money to help her with the cost of flying, running the photographic library and doing research.  She is particularly interested in the fact that some Parkinson's disease sufferers report temporary relief from their symptoms in crop circles.

Whether you think the crop circles are a purely man made phenomenon, or maybe that some have mysterious origins, they are beautiful things, and I think it is important that they should be recorded.   They have certainly become something that attracts people to the areas of Wiltshire and Hampshire where they mostly occur.

So the campaign to raise money is on Indiegogo and her beautiful photographs can be found on her website here.

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