Sunday, April 21, 2013

5/2 diet

I have now lost just over two stone on the intermittent fasting 5/2 diet.  As you may remember, I started on the alternate day fast diet and lost no weight at all.  When I switched to the 5/2 pattern I started to lose it slowly - around half to one pound a week.

I've been missing breakfast, having a light lunch and then eating a bowl of soupy vegetable noodles for an early dinner on my fasting days, usually Tuesday and Friday.  I use one nest of noodles between the two of us (158 calories), some stock, and ribbons of carrot and courgette, usually, and spinach.  I'm more or less used to this way of eating now, and don't find it anywhere near so hard as I did initially.

In fact, I find that I often fantasise about being able to eat things during fast days which I have no interest in eating when I get to my eat-anything day the following day.  I feel immensely liberated by this style of eating - I appreciate my food more, I don't feel guilty on my eating days, and even when I came off the diet because I was ill, in January, I didn't pile back the weight I had lost - as I often have in the past with low calorie diets.

In fact my weight appeared to be stable, although I was making no attempt to restrict my eating.

I'm determined to carry on.  The only downside that I can see is the possible requirement to replace my wardrobe frequently.  I'm already two dress sizes down from last August.

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