Sunday, April 29, 2012

Free comedy on the web

Many of the comedians who participate in Radio 4 programmes also provide access to their work on their websites. I wasn't sure about Henning Wehn when I first heard him on Radio 4 quiz programmes, but he has definitely grown on me over the past year. His recent series on Radio 6 was available on the iplayer, but they only stay available for about a week. On his own website he has a selection of his best bits, available here. Jon Ronson isn't exactly a comedian, but I find his occasional series "Jon Ronson on..." very amusing and interesting, and I like his style. It often IS funny too. All of the previous series are accessible on this page. I'll add to this as I come across things on the web. In the mean time, bear in mind that iplayer radio is accessible no matter where in the world you are... you can catch the News Quiz, Henning knows best and a large number of other programmes. You can find the iplayer here.

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