Monday, October 11, 2010

Goodbye to Berlin Classic Serial

I listened to the Classic serial on Radio 4 over the weekend, which was Christopher Isherwood's Goodbye to Berlin, which was the book that Caberet was based upon.  It was good, although quite different from Caberet in tone and atmosphere. It was in two parts, and they're both available for a few days more on the iplayer.

I was particuarly taken with the piece of music at the end of the play, and so listened to see if they gave a credit to the composer or musicians.  Although a pianist was mentioned, I realised that this couldn't account for the music at the end.  I searched the web page for the play, which credited the actors, the sound designer and producer... but made no mention of the music.

I haven't been a big a fan of Radio4 facebook, mainly because of the changes to the iplayer, which I hate... but when I posted the question about the music from the play, Steve from Radio4 facebook said he would try to find out what it was, and duly returned with the details.  In the past when I have enquired about music used in BBC productions I have been unable to get the details, so I was very impressed.  Thank you, Steve!

The music is from an album called Menschen am Sonntag by Trio Bravo, and their official website is here.  You can hear the music on Spotify, and buy it in the usual places. I love Vorspann particularly, which is the piece heard right at the end of the play when the credits are read.

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