Sunday, September 19, 2010


For the second morning running, I have ended my dreams with a nightmare of children hanging from trees.  It wakes me immediately, although I know that impressions of time are distorted in dreams.  It's unusual for me to have nightmares and doubly unusual for them to be recurring, the same images.  It makes an impression.

Some years ago I had a series of prophetic dreams which seemed to foretell ridiculous things, like the forthcoming television programmes and newspaper articles I would read.  If it was a superpower, it seemed like a pretty useless one.

This has a different atmosphere altogether, but it is equally useless.  I don't know if the children are real, I don't know where they are, or in what time period.  The shock wakes me, and so I don't stay tuned into the image for long enough to find anything useful out.

From time to time I have had lucid dreams... perhaps I can invoke one and find out what's going on....  The images stay with me after I wake up.

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Fee said...

Sorting out email, brwsing the Guardian, found this, which I haven't seen before... right at the bottom is a tree filled with hanging shoes...