Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brain dead comedy

Maybe I am missing some essential part of my funny bone, but I watched the first episode of Roger and Val have just got in, and hated it.  I didn't find it funny, or entertaining or enjoyable.  It was like watching two intellectually-challenged children play house...badly.

How is it that people who are paid to watch television and commission programmes, couldn't see that Sherlock was brilliant and this is dross?  How can Life of Riley have been commissioned for a second series when it was so bad that I wouldn't watch it if it was the last thing on television, and I was duct-taped to a wall?

I began to wonder if Roger and Val was maybe brilliant in a Pinter-esque way... but no, it was as bad as it seemed, and that's very very bad indeed. On a scale from one to ten, where Sherlock scores 10 and Life of Riley scores 1, Roger and Val score 1.5.  And that's only because I like Dawn French.

My favourite for a sequel?  Roger and Val have just fallen under a bus, taking the cast of Life of Riley with them.

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