Monday, February 02, 2009

It's still snowy, and has been very cold overnight. I'm waiting to see what the Metropolitan line is looking like once the rush hour gets going: I don't have to be in work until 11 am, so I think I will avoid making decisions until it is clear how things are.

Spent some time muttering at the BBC weather page. Currently their weather forecast for five days ahead shows the maximum for today at three degrees celsius, and the minimum as minus one. Switch the view to 24 hours only and the maximum shown is still three degrees... but the minimum at nine am this morning, is minus four.

I don't know why it infuriates me SO much when the forecast doesn't make sense, but it does. I have complained about four or five times, and always get some sort of excuse about the period of time being different (the five day forecast being midnight to midnight while the 24 forecast is just now and for the next 24 hours) but it doesn't wash with me. Forecasts for the public ought to make sense without long explanations about why the different ways of presenting the data don't match up.

I will have a dilemma over what to wear to work. I have an artificial fur coat which was a christmas present a few years ago and is terribly warm, but terribly heavy too. If I wear it, and it snows, it gets even heavier - like carrying a dead bear around. On the other hand, it would mean that I stay warm, no matter how cold it gets.

The only problem I fear is being attacked for wearing fur, even if artificial.

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