Friday, July 25, 2008

I am starting to feel that I am being left behind by the speed of progress currently. BoingBoing links to a blog where patches for clothing are about to be sold, which will allow people to use their shiny new iPhones to scan in your patch and discover your website, or blog or youtube video.

One of the useful things about virtual worlds has been this ability to click on objects and find the link to a company's or individual's website. And here it is, in real life.

I spent a long time the day before yesterday transferring the blogs from my oooold website which I discovered on the WayBayMachine, to a new blog here, imaginatively called MyOldBlogs. I will tidy them up, and add some more explanation... and maybe I will even have the time to add some of the paper diaries which are fading fast too. It was a weird experience going back 10 years in time.

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