Saturday, April 12, 2008

Feeling a bit shellshocked this morning. Got back from the teen challenge to find that various people had been trying to get hold of me and had assumed I was not answering the phone or ill. I felt wrecked, completely wrecked, although I had spent most of my time in a warm art room, silk painting or making hangings for the peace tree.

I have been offered a holiday or a job or both in Turkey. Still trying to absorb that information and to work out if it is the chance of a lifetime or something that I ought to be cautious about. The place looks amazing. I haven't been on a holiday for years... I think Kate was about four or so the last time we went on holiday, and I haven't been outside the country for over 18 years.

Eelco suggests I should meet the people concerned, and offers to take me to Berlin to meet them. So I am reeling from one generous offer to another at present.

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