Friday, June 24, 2005

Well...hmmm it has been a little while since I updated this web journal. I see that one of my friends from SecondLife has started a journal, made two entries and run away, and that seems to be par for the course for a lot of Blogs. I think part of the problem is that people realise that if they are identifiable, it becomes very difficult to avoid revealing other people's secrets in a blog. I think a few days down the line is usually when people start to realise things would be so much easier if only their blog was anonymous, or at least unfindable using a search on their name.

I don't have any excuses really...i just forgot. Things have been a might stressful around here, and so I haven't updated...and now there is a lot of catching up to do....

Perhaps I should just start where I am at the moment. son was due to have surgery at the beginning of July, but that has been postponed in favour of further tests. My husband, after not drinking for a year, has decided this means he isn't an alcoholic and he can drink again. I found the half empty bottle of gin, and we had a short conversation before he poured it down the bathroom sink. I told him I wasn't up to a full-on row while we are so worried about our son, and so he has agreed to stop drinking for three months so that we are past this difficult part.

Our financial situation hasn't improved in a year, and is exacerbated by the fact that along with the gin bottle, J has been concealing the post. I borrowed some money from my father which helped pay off the worst in the past couple of months, but our financial situation is not helped by the fact that the company that J does most of his work for tend to be rather backward in paying up the dosh. They have excelled themselves this month by not only not paying up on time, but by deducting costs which have been paid to barristers which ought not to have been and deducting a larger percentage than had been agreed.

It is really getting to the point where we might be better off on benefit. I have applied for some jobs, but the logistics of home educating, and being there for my son if he does have to go into hospital, have made it quite difficult to see how I can do it.

I also feel quite resentful that J has a profession and qualifications and yet seems content to sit around waiting for work to fall into his lap.

Got to go - I am being pushed off the computer. Will try to do this first thing in the morning in future, which should prevent interruptions :-).

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